Planning and Documentation

How and why we plan, prepare, record, analyze, display, and archive our homeschool work.


Plan And Prepare

Planning ahead can make or break my homeschooling success, depending on how I go about it.  Here is what I plan and prepare in advance, and what I leave up to chance.


Record and Analyze

Recording our homeschool work helps me analyze what we're actually doing from week to week and compare that to our vision and goals.  It also helps me see patterns and figure out what needs to change in our homeschool (there's always something) and how best to go about it.


Display and Archive

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is celebrating our learning.  Sharing it helps us feel proud of our work (and often helps skeptics "come around" to homeschooling).  Archiving helps us see how far we've come.  Here's how we do it.