When I ask older women to recall the best time of their lives, they tell me it's when they had their young children around them.  When I ask them to recall the hardest time of their lives, they say the same.  When I ask for their advice, they say two things: "Never stop praying," and "Stop being so afraid."

I spend my days making messes and music and magic with my kids.  I spend my nights writing about it.  I also spend a good chunk of time practicing new thoughts, because that's where change starts.  I am surrounded by people of strength and goodness who are held back only by self-doubt.  I'm one of them.  I'm slowly unwinding my self-sabotaging thoughts, one by one, and letting them go.  In their place, I plant something new.

I'm growing truth, hope, kindness, and grace.  I tend them a little every day.  The result is a transformation, a new reality.  A new story.

I'm learning to follow the counsel of my great-grandfather, whose secret to an impeccable garden was this: "Weed 'em before you can see 'em."  I've grown some giant weeds in my day.  It can take some doing, but all weeds can come out.  I can't prevent new ones from starting, but I can catch them early with just a little effort.  When I do, good things happen to me and the people I spend my days loving.

If you are a prospective, new, or tired homeschooler (or anyone else who spends one's day surrounded by children), I hope to help you think new thoughts, see yourself differently, free yourself from fear, and align the life you live with the life you want.  I've learned that it's easier than you think,  it's here waiting already, and it's infinitely worth doing.  If you'd like a taste of how I do it and why, you can read my story here and my writing here.  If you want to harvest something beautiful for yourself, subscribe below.