Tucked in at night by her husband, her four kids, and the Wasatch Mountains, Emily Bailey runs A Homeschool Unscripted. Her work is to hold the space for childhood, and be the homeschool mentor she never had.

The peace I rest in

There is a peace I rest in,

a meadow I did not know,

existing all the while

I cried out in the darkness of trees,

“I’ve lost my way!”

I did not know it would take the shape

of a clearing

with wildflowers, doe, and child,

but I knew

I would know

when I saw it.

I didn’t know I could touch it,

stretch, and lie in the sunlight

with full confidence that in a few hours

the moonlight would be just as warm.

Most of all, I didn’t know it was

exactly where it was:

behind me, ahead of me,

and surrounding me

all the while.

It waited, quiet except for the chirping

of crickets, the buzz of dragonflies.

It smiled, knowing, trusting,

I’d come when I was ready.

“I’m ready now! Where is it?” I called,

my crying eyes sealed shut.

Open, was the call.


You’re already here.

A letter to myself

Heavenly Peace